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Dylan Dog, the famous comic-book character, lives his adventures in the spots of Cosenza, on the occasion of the eighth edition of “Le Strade del Paesaggio” Festival, hosted at the Comics Museum. Such story is told in a special editon, born from the collaboration between the creators of this famous comic book and the Festival organizers, linking he territory and its legends to the comic narration. Adventurer Dylan Dog arrives in Cosenza to solve a case involving, as usual, evil spirits, monsters and ghosts, full of twists and turns and apparently impossible love stories. The story start along a bridge that links the world of the living to the world of the dead: according to a legend, it is San Giacomo bridge but, in the geographical context, it is the bridge that links the old town to the new centre of Cosenza. The legend also says that the righteous cross the bridge easily, while the bad guys fall into the ravine. An apparently impossible love story separates Dylan from her beloved Malvina, who is under an evil spell cast by the witch Jana Simara. The scenes recall the typical squares and lanes of the town of Cosenza. In the back of the book one can find some drawings of the monuments that best indentify the town.

Dylan Dog, a Monstrous love in Cosenza
a special issue realized in collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore 
Script and screenplay by Giuseppe De Nardo
Illustrations by Daniele Bigliardo

Critical Texts of Federica Cananzi


On the cover of the comic book “Dylan Dog – a monstruous love in Cosenza”, the charming main character is escaping from a monster who is chasing him: the setting shows the road leading to “Bernardino Telesio” high school gymnasium, adjacent to the Comics Museum. The astonished, scared bystanders are running away from the monster. His casual clothes,
the bright colours, his black jacket and his hairstyle highlight Dylan's charisma. He's skillful, always able to solve the mysteries involnving monsters and evil spirits, as well as to charm women.

Artwork 3

Inside the Cathedral of the Assunta , better know as Duomo di Cosenza, in the heart of the old town, Queen Isabel of Aragon's tomb has been discovered. A puzzled, surprised Morgana is looking at the funeral monument from which a ghost emerges, probably being the queen herself. The Gothic-style artwork portrays the queen praying on her knees next to Virgin Mary, as a sign of devotion.

Artwork 8

During the Italian Resurgence, Cosenza was a place of wild tumult and insurrection, as we are remindend by the deeds of the Bandiera brothers. Within the old town there are still some of the buildings where the insurrectional committee used to meet. One of their walls is pierced by a fig tree, called 'A Ficuzza. Today, 'A Ficuzza is is one of the symbols of the town. In this drawing, we can see Dylan Dog from behind, talking and walking with his beloved in the pitoresque lane where the tree is.

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In exposition at the Comics Museum till 31 December 2014

You can find us in Cosenza, in Street Liceo 1.
We are open every day, except Mondays, from 16.00 to 19.30

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