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The Exhibits

Comics Food

December 2003, USA: a dangerous bacterium cultured in a test tube evades all the security systems. The result is devastating and brings to the destruction of the whole American food chain.

A Monstruous love in Cosenza

Dylan Dog, the famous comic-book character, lives his adventures in the spots of Cosenza, on the occasion of the eighth edition of “Le Strade del Paesaggio” Festival, hosted at the Comics Museum.

Mysteries of Calabria

The comic book created on the occasion of the 11th edition of Le Strade del Paesaggio, tells about a tour to discover the Mysteries of Calabria, bringing together the world of our beloved comic book characters and the legends and stories of Calabria.

Frida and the women of Calabria

The exhibition Frida and the women of Calabria creates a parallelism between Frida Khalo's art and personality and the women who belong to a particular social context in Calabria: the central ideas are emancipation